NRA Legislation

Stay current with NRA Legistlation.

  1. This page includes information regarding current state bills and local issues relating to gun rights in California.
    • Currently active bills and issues appear with a white background. In the second year of the California legislative session (always an even-numbered year), this includes first-year bills that failed to pass (becoming ‘two-year bills’).
    • Bills never die.Bills that fail a vote, either in committee or on the floor, are usually granted “Reconsideration”. This allows them to return for another vote virtually as many times as the bill’s author desires. Such bills may return on short notice or after months of inactivity and even with completely changed content.
    • Some active items are marked ACTION NEEDED and appear with a yellow background. These are the bills and issues for which we need your help ASAP. Such bills will include special suggestions for gun owners to follow to help.
    • Bills and issues that have been resolved apperar with a (gray background).
  2. Legislative information will normally be posted here before appearing on the California state website. Important related information will only appear here. When the sources disagree, this page should be considered the more current and reliable of the two.



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